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Enchanting Crystal Point Higher Realms Chakra Balancing Mala

Enchanting Crystal Point Higher Realms Chakra Balancing Mala

Enchanting Crystal Point Upper Chakra Balancing Mala

Dive into the magic of my latest creation—a mesmerizing Mala made with an ombré array starting with the deep blue of Lapis Lazuli in a crystal point followed with 8mm beads of Peruvian Amazonite, Apatite, and the radiant Rainbow Moonstone. Each bead is lovingly hand knotted in between. This adds security, offers the perfect place to pause whilst counting the beads and a pop over colour detail.

🌈 Rainbow Moonstone: Overflowing with feminine energy, it’s a divine tool for wisdom and a beloved choice in spiritual healing. Like the moon itself, it wields the power of cycles, change, and the ever-glowing anchor in the night sky. With its shimmering milky sheen, this albite mineral captures the very essence of lunar magic.

💠 Peruvian Amazonite: Seamlessly connecting with the throat chakra, it awakens intellect and intuition. It encourages crystal-clear communication and the setting of nurturing boundaries, liberating you from the shadows of judgment and into the light. Amazonite empowers you to be true to your heart’s voice, transcending expectations placed upon you.

🌀 Apatite: While its name hints at deceit, Apatite thrives on authenticity and truth. Radiating oceanic colors, inviting you to embrace the light and truth within. It forms a connection with the throat chakra, encouraging you to always flow in the pure current of your own authenticity.

🔮 Lapis Lazuli: This transcendent stone is intimately connected with both the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It opens the gateway to higher realms of knowledge, intuition, and insight. If your Third Eye feels blocked, Lapis Lazuli can help you see beyond. It also pays heed to your Throat Chakra, aiding in unblocking the flow of truth, ensuring you’re heard, understood, and confident in your voice.

Full length 22”

Double terminated Lapis Lazuli Point 1.7”

To infuse your mala beads with intention, follow these steps:

* Sit quietly, cradling your mala or bracelet in your hands.

* Envision a gentle light surrounding it, and verbalize your intention.

* Wear your mala during meditation to embody and manifest your desired intentions.

* Hang your mala on an altar or in a special place to enhance its spiritual significance.

* Utilize your mala to meditate by counting the beads repeating a mantra during the pause between each bead, deepening your connection to mindfulness and intention.

With this Mala you will receive chakra mantra cards to get you started on your journey of transformation.

Length 22”

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