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Festival Sweetie Necklace

Festival Sweetie Necklace

Festival Inspired Sweetie Neckace

Custom Order Only

Delivery 3 Weeks

Rainbow Opal / multi opal Smooth rondelle Beads AAA+ Quality 7 - 8 mm

21” Length

Infused with the vibrant spirit of festival time, this new 21” Sweetie Necklace in the True Venus Mala style is here to light up your world! ☔🌈

Inspired by the joy and colors of festivals, this necklace is your personal beacon of positivity, perfect for turning gloomy London days into a celebration.

Handcrafted with a carnival of coloured Rondelle Opal beads and a gold-filled clasp, it's a true embodiment of craftsmanship. Embrace the festival vibes year-round – order your Sweetie Necklace today and keep the festive energy alive! ✨📿

Crafted with love and care, the Sweetie Necklace features exquisite Opal Rondelle beads that radiate mesmerizing shades. These beads are finished with lustrous gold-filled beads and clasp adding a touch of elegance and a hint of sunshine to your day✨🔆

I am also offering the Sweetie Necklace in two more stunning options. You can choose between 9ct gold or the cool beauty of sterling silver.

I am dedicated to crafting high-quality, handcrafted jewelry that reflects your unique style and resonates with your soul. Each piece is carefully made with attention to detail.

DM me now to purchase this one or to learn more about this enchanting piece.

👉 Product Details:

* Opal Rondelle beads in a multi colours

* Added gold filled beads for a touch of elegance

* Finished with a secure and stylish gold-filled clasp

* Available in 9ct gold or sterling silver upon request

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Sweetie Necklace features a gold-filled clasp, adding an elegant touch to the design.

Available in gold filled, silver or solid 9ct gold is more your vibe then you can choose either option upon purchasing.

please select when ordering.

dm me if you would prefer a different length x


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