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Grounded Heart Chakra Garnet, Rose Quartz & Crazy Lace Agate Gemstone Mala

Grounded Heart Chakra Garnet, Rose Quartz & Crazy Lace Agate Gemstone Mala

🌸Grounded Heart Mala 🌸


Crafted with care, this Mala features silk threads adorned with 8mm rose quartz for the heart chakra, garnets for grounding the root, and a stunning crazy lace agate in pink (just because it looks stunning) and for its joy and grounding.


Love, in all its forms, can feel like a rollercoaster ride. Whether it's with a partner, child, sibling, friend, or parent, the journey can be both exhilarating and challenging. It can sweep us off our feet and quite literally feel like our hearts might explode. It can take our breath away. It can fill us with joy and also it can break our hearts.


The heart chakra's energy is expansive and spacious as it is the air element, sometimes feeling like you might fly away like a kite. But grounding this energy is essential. The root chakra is an anchor, it keeps us connected to the earth and our foundations, providing a sense of safety and security.


Without a balanced root chakra, it's like building a castle on sand – unstable and easily toppled. But when we ground the heart, we find balance, acceptance, and compassion for ourselves and others. It's the foundation for deep, meaningful lasting connections and the ability to give and receive love without being fearful or anxious.


You may use this Mala as a tool to support your spiritual journey, count the beads as you recite affirmations prayers or mantras, wear it or hang it on an alter or special place.


Affirmations ~

I am grounded in love.

I know that love is abundant.

I am safe to love and be loved.


Please note colours and shades may vary depending on stones available and threads in stock.


Care instructions ~


Venus malas are made with natural materials and each one is a sacred item and should be treated as such. The tassel is Japanese silk and each bead is threaded onto silk and hand knotted for added security and detail. To keep your mala looking beautiful please remove when you will be excessively sweating and avoid exposure to oils, creams and perfume. Store hanging or with the tassel lying flat. If the tassel does become messy, blow dry on a low setting with warm air gently separating the threads. This should relax any kinks and tangles. Bracelets are more robust, gently roll the bracelet on and off you hand and don’t overstretch. Wood and seeds will absorb creams and oils and can become dull as a result. Take off when showering swimming or bathing.

  • Gemstone

    108 Gemstone 8mm or 6mm beads, threaded and hand knotted onto silk thread and finished with a Japanese silk thread handmade tassel. 

  • Specifications


    Necklace Length: 44"

    Drop including Tassel: 4"


    Necklace Length: 30"

    Drop Including Tassel: 3.5"

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