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Root Chakra Garnet and Red Agate Rosewood Mala

Root Chakra Garnet and Red Agate Rosewood Mala

Muladhara Chakra





Garnet, Red Agate & Rosewood


108 Garnet, Red Jasper & Rosewood Beads on silk thread hand knotted lovingly between each bead with sparkly crystal detailing and finished with handmade Japanese silk thread tassel.


The root chakra is the first of the seven chakras in the human body, located at the base of the spine. It is also known as the Muladhara chakra in Sanskrit. The root chakra is associated with the feelings of safety, grounding, stability, and security, and it is believed to be responsible for our physical wellness, as well as our emotional balance. A balanced root chakra helps us to feel connected to our physical body, our environment, and the people around us, while an imbalanced root chakra can cause feelings of fear, anxiety, and insecurity.


Care instructions ~

Venus malas are made with natural materials and each one is a sacred item and should be treated as such. The tassel is Japanese silk and each bead is threaded onto silk and hand knotted for added security and detail. To keep your mala looking beautiful please remove when you will be excessively sweating and avoid exposure to oils, creams and perfume. Store hanging or with the tassel lying flat. If the tassel does become messy, blow dry on a low setting with warm air gently separating the threads. This should relax any kinks and tangles. Bracelets are more robust, gently roll the bracelet on and off you hand and don’t overstretch. Wood and seeds will absorb creams and oils and can become dull as a result. Take off when showering swimming or bathing. Li

  • Specifications


    Necklace Length: 40"

    Drop including Tassel: 4"


    Necklace Length: 30"

    Drop Including Tassel: 3.5"

  • Product details

    8mm or 6mm gemstone beads and Rosewood.

    Rosewood Because of the romantic name, color and aroma of rosewood, it symbolizes romantic love and sincere blessings. In ancient times, there were so many love stories and myths related to rosewood. Therefore, from the past till now, rosewood has always been recognized as a symbol of love and romance.

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