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Root Chakra Garnet & Taxus Wood Bracelet

Root Chakra Garnet & Taxus Wood Bracelet


Muladhara Chakra Mūlādhāra. Root Chakra Mala Bead Bracelet.





The root chakra is the first of the seven chakras in the human body, located at the base of the spine. It is also known as the Muladhara chakra in Sanskrit. The root chakra is associated with the feelings of safety, grounding, stability, and security, and it is believed to be responsible for our physical wellness, as well as our emotional balance. A balanced root chakra helps us to feel connected to our physical body, our environment, and the people around us, while an imbalanced root chakra can cause feelings of fear, anxiety, and insecurity.


Garnet and Taxus Wood 8mm Mala beads threaded onto a stretchy cord and finished with Swarovski crystal detailing.

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