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Mother, Yoga Teacher, Mala Maker, Runner, Activist and Lover of Nature.


 My practice has been a wellspring of inspiration from which I have managed to find a creative outlet that helps me overcome the challenges I am faced with due to having bipolar disorder. My practice has helped me to connect those around me and nature in a more significant way.

I am a 500 hour British wheel of yoga registered yoga teacher, offering regular classes in west London which include restorative, vinyasa and slow flow yoga & regular chakra workshops. My thirst for knowledge has kept me connected to my teacher Simon Low and he is a constant support and inspiration to me. 


Vee Lee sitting in a field smiling


Many moons ago I worked in the luxury jewellery sector, and during this time I fell in love with the stories and meaning we attach to our Jewellery.


A decade later and I found a new path practicing Yoga and had an immediate thirst for knowledge which led me to undertake my  first yoga teacher training. It makes sense with my jewellery background that I would become fascinated with Mala beads I saw my late mother was the spiritual one in our family. It wasn’t until she passed away that I picked up the mantle. I am so grateful for her influence.


When my parents were traveling in India, they would always bring me back a Mala. They started to be a comforting presence and one that represented my mother’s spiritual nature. I taught myself to make Malas using various tutorials and quickly found that the making of them became a meditation in itself. Being able to connect to my creative side had been a source of immense joy to me.

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