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Mala Care Tips: Maintaining Your Venus Mala for Vibrant Energy

Updated: Jun 21

My Malas are crafted with semi-precious gemstones, wood, and seed beads, threaded and knotted onto silk thread. I believe their natural materials resonate with a higher frequency, especially the Japanese silk tassels which many recognise as distinctive to my work.

Mala care tips key takeaways:

  1. Respectful Use: Wear your Mala mindfully, avoiding exposure to excessive sweat and harsh chemicals.

  2. Preservation Tips: Keep your Mala dry and away from oils to maintain its natural beauty.

  3. Storage Wisdom: Store your Mala carefully in a sacred space or flat to prevent tangling and preserve its silk tassel.

These simple practices ensure your Venus Mala remains vibrant and energetically aligned, supporting your spiritual journey with every use.

Close up of Japanese silk Mala tasles
Caring for your Mala honours its sacred energy and ensures its longevity

Silk tassels, while enhancing the Mala's energy, are sensitive to their environment. It's crucial to care for your Mala to maintain its integrity, follow these tips:

  1. Respectful Wear: I advise wearing your sacred Mala with care, avoid having it on your body during sweaty yoga sessions. Instead, lay it gently at the top or beside your mat to honour its presence.

  2. Avoid Contact with Oils and Perfumes: To prevent silk thread degeneration, keep your Mala away from oils, creams, and perfumes. This applies especially to Taxus wood and Rudraksha seeds, which can darken over time from skin oils.

  3. Keep Dry: Silk tassels and other components are not water-resistant. Keep them dry to preserve their appearance and quality.

  4. Proper Storage: Store your Mala by hanging it in a sacred place or flat and tidy when not in use to prevent tangling and maintain the tassel's aesthetic.

  5. Maintenance Tips: If a thread becomes loose, gently adjust it back into place. For persistent threads, carefully trim them with sharp scissors to maintain the mala's overall integrity.

For those seeking a sturdier style, I am currently creating bespoke Mala beads featuring gemstone point pendants instead of tassels. Email me for more details, or watch for their upcoming addition to my website.

Caring for your Mala honours its sacred energy and ensures its longevity. Embrace these practices to preserve the beauty and functionality of your Venus Mala, supporting your spiritual journey and personal growth.

With love,

Vee xx


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